Sunday, 3 July 2016

Manuel Dasilva - Organizing A Company Softball Team

Manuel Dasilva likes to play many different sports and has more fun playing them with friends. He is the owner of a car restoration garage and decided to organize a company softball team that would allow him to play softball with his employees. It has helped them become closer and work better as a team on the field and in the garage. If you want to organize a company softball team, these tips can help.

Get Your Team Together
Before you can start a softball team you need to make sure the people you work with want to play. Ask around until you get enough players and make sure everyone is ready to devote enough time to it.

Find A Practice Location
Your team will need to practice together and that means you will have to find a field or location. You can check with the recreation leagues in your city to see when the fields are available and then choose a practice time for your team.

Manuel Dasilva

Join A League
In most cases there will be a company softball league in your community. You will need to get with the person in charge of it and talk to them about allowing your team to join. You will also need to find out about schedules and available practice times.

Manuel Dasilva is always quick to participate in as many sports as he can, especially when they allow him to become closer to his employees. If you are looking for a great way to use sports as a team building exercise, consider starting a company softball team.