Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Manuel Dasilva - Three Reason to Coach Youth Sports

Manuel Dasilva is a small business owner in Brooklyn, New York who coaches youth sports during his free time. He loves being an active member of his community and he is passionate about baseball. He played while he was in high school, and he even made it to the minor leagues. He is the owner of a car garage, and during the summers, he works with young players. There are several reasons to coach a youth sport.

Manuel DasilvaYouth sports are a great way to get children active during the summer. Baseball, softball, and soccer are all played during this season. Children can join leagues and spend several weeks practicing and playing against their peers. If you coach for one of these leagues, you will be helping children stay healthy. You may also have the opportunity to teach children about the importance of fitness.

Another reason to coach youth sports is to teach children about a certain sport. As a coach, you can help children learn how to play baseball, soccer, or another sport. Teaching children can be a rewarding experience.

A third reason to become a coach is to help children learn about good sportsmanship. As a coach, you can work with children and teach them how to behave when they win a game and when they lose a game. Understanding good sportsmanship can be useful for children of any age. Manuel Dasilva enjoys working with the children in his neighborhood and teaching them how to play baseball. He loves participating in his community.